Shadow Shot Sunday #54

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Here's my Shadow Shot Sunday #54

The Cleveland Point Lighthouse. I posted a TtV (through the viewfinder) photo of this very same lighthouse last month that had been taken on a lovely warm sunny day. The mood of this photo I find seems to suit our upcoming dreary cold season. Yup, winter in Australia officially commences tomorrow. Bye bye autumn.

Happy Sunday!

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robin. said…
yuck to winter...we in Michigan have yet to have some really nice days. if the sun is shining the wind is very gusty!! looking forward to warm weather...huh, maybe in august. the lighthouse photo and what you did with it!! i'd like to be sitting on the deck soaking up the sun that made that shadow.
Loooooove your ss!
Catherine said…
still the gloomy weather makes for a great atmospheric lighthouse shot!!
bobbie said…
a wonderful lighthouse picture. I love all lighthouses anyway.

can't believe it's starting winter somewhere! It's really warming up here today.
Martha said…
Love your shot!
I'm in this week...
maryt/theteach said…
Your photo is outstanding, Harriet! Mine is up! Scroll down just a bit... :)
Victoria said…
Incredible shot, Tracy! So dreamy and I love the bright red against the neutrals. How do you do it!? I want my TtV photos to look like this! And aren't lighthouses the most marvelous things... I adore them. Sorry that you are gearing up for winer, hope it's mild. If you need some where warm to visit, you are welcome to visit me!
GalleryJuana said…
Very cool and mysterious photo.

It doesn't feel much like summer here, as we are already into the rainy season. I guess we'll have to make our own sunshine:)
Generik said…
That's a beautifully-composed photo! I love the blurriness of the tree especially, and the red really makes the shot.

(Personally, I don't mind winter, but then I live in California, so the weather is still pretty good year 'round...)
Your TtV images always make me "weak in the knees"! Fabulous!
It does seem strange that now we are headed into the heat of the year, you are headed into the cold of the year. It shouldn't be hard to imagine, but it is!
Paula said…
Tracy, that is just unreal. I love your work, girl.
Elizabeth said…
So atmospheric.
Still can't wrap my brain round the idea of you heading into winter!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Chris said…
Great shot of the lighthouse. Getting dreary there huh? I was looking though recipes last night and discounting making some of them anytime soon because they are winter season stews and soups. I should make one anyway in your honor:)

Stay warm and be well!
Margaret Gosden said…
Neat looking Lighthouse - not the usual architecture as in this neck of the seas; almost toy-like as photographed. Awesome. Is this typical in Oz, I wonder. We are just beginning to feel, more frequently, warmer summer days, needing a touch of air conditioning! Our winters are so long. Perhaps there are some compensations in your winters, like more time to read and blog?
Tom Hilton said…
Great shot, very atmospheric (and the splash of red makes it!).
Carin said…
Lovely picture of the lighthouse. This time I'm glad to be downunder from you as we still have Spring and Summer is coming along.

Enjoy your Sunday!
Beautiful shot..Oh, I do not care for winter. I think your winters are a bit milder than ours..Wonderful lighthouse and made for a nice SS..Happy SSS..
Heather S-G said…
Gorgeous photo!! This is my first week joining you.

Cindy said…
love the red and the feeling of this shot. Excellent!
XUE said…
I don't find this gloomy actually. At first glance, it reminds me of lovely Chinese pagodas albeit a few tiers missing :) but it's still lovely & dreamy. And with that perfect tree in front!
Gemma Wiseman said…
Your lighthouse looks wonderful in misty shadow! The clarity of the red at the top in contrast looks great!

And love your collages! Always interesting when a variety of shadows are arranged so artistically! Well done!
Dianne said…
that's beautiful!
I love the softness, the mood, the red on top the of the silvery white
really beautiful!
Gee...this is getting us in the mood for summer Tracy! (sorry that winter is coming up for you though!) What a fun picture - love the effect!
Sandrine said…
Wow...great shoots and shadows!The clouds effect is cool!
I do love lighthouses ... and this one is magnificent!
Hugs and blessings,
Teneale said…
Yep I agree, it's freeezing ! I'm trying to thaw my fingers so I can type :D

Love your SSS Tracy. I considered taking a photo while driving on Friday night heading to Cleveland. I was heading into a huge black hole of clouds, while behind me was blue sky. Would have looked cool, but I thought it safer to just keep driving! That storm was awesome.
sunnymama said…
I love this picture! Its a fantastic looking lighthouse. Here it's been hot enough to need sun cream playing in the garden the last couple of days. Winter seems a distant memory :)
just jody said…
wow harriet.........nice shot!
A Wild Thing said…
I can't even say the 'W' word...yuck, however the lighthouse shot is warm and inviting on a dreary day...funny how the seasons change our outlook.

It's still in the 50's at night here, it just won't go to Australia with ye!!!

Later girl!
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, love your shot of the lighthouse. I have posted my 5th SSS. Had a foggy morning here in Melbourne. Have a fabulous day and week ahead :O) MonikaORse
Chrisy said…
Lovin the whole of that last set!
I missed joining in last week so I hope to find some shadows for this weekend!

Dreary doesn't come to mind when looking at your shadow shot. To me it's an atmospheric, haunting, and romantic photo! Try to keep warm!
Terri said…
Very cool effect with the lighthouse and the ttv!
Anonymous said…
I love this lighthouse.

Winter, huh? I'm sending our warm weather your way.

very coool effect
Kranky Granny said…
Lighthouses are one of my favorite things. I even have a Dentist that has her office in a building build like a lighthouse and decorated with all types of related items. It is of course called "Lighthouse Dental."

Sorry, to have been away for so long but hope that I will not be absent again for a while. I love posting to this meme and have missed visiting everyone.
i've been gone for a few weeks because my computer was in the shop...sorry. :)

i have a friend i'm going to have to show this shot to, she loves lighthouses and this is very lovely. i hope you enjoy your autumn, i'm looking forward to my summer.

have a lovely day...peace.
keiren said…
I love this lighthouse photo Harriet! I also love your sun dappled TTV photo of it! The shots are so very different that I would never have guessed that they were taken of the same lighthouse!
Jacqui said…
Hi my first picture on your meme is now up. Love love love your lighthouse. Summer is here in Scotland - well, for a couple of days anyway.
prkl said…
Winter surely sucks but your photo is great. Has kinda photorealistic painting, 50's, postcart flavour in it. My first SSS entry btw.
Cate Holst said…
Yes, bye Autumn (my favourite season). Although it hasn't been too cold yet! Great pics too!!
Sherrie said…
Awesome Photo!! Love all the fuzzy fog, it looks so lonely there! Mine is posted at my place, Sherrie's Stuff. Have a great dat!

julie king said…
wow! what a totally surreal look your ss has!! i really like it, especially the tree in the foreground!!
Unknown said…
What a wonderful shot! Such a dreamy atmospheric photo, juxtaposed against all those hard edges in the lighthouse and shadow!
Sarah Knight said…
interesting as always : )
Julie said…
The lighthouse is a wonderful shot.
Sara Chapman said…
The lighthouse looks like it's hanging on a wire, like a little lighthouse ornament or charm. I love the gray clouds contrasted with the bright, sharp shadow. And the colors!
Brandi said…
What an awesome picture!! I was just thinking the other day that I wished I lived close to a lighthouse. Beautiful!!!
(reminds me of a song: Lighthouse by Nickle Creek. You should check it out- it fits the mood of your photo well)
Happy SSS! said…
Wow! you really are the complete opposite of us in terms of seasons. I mean I knew that of course all along, it's just that only today I said to my son, it looks like we are finally having some green and it isn't going away, at least for awhile! & it has been sunny the last two days & lots of people are wearing shorts too.
Officially we start Summer June 21 here in the U.S.
I LOve your beautiful lighthouse. It would actually make a lovely holiday greeting card too.
Thanks for hosting this fun meme Tracy! hope you have a great week.
Mary-Laure said…
Lighthouses are so magical...
Unknown said…
I also thought that the lighthouse resembled a charm on a bracelet--what a spectacular SS! Gather your wool sox and light the home fires there...we're having 90 degrees and it isn't officially summer here yet, but the AC is pumping hard! Finally getting some good sunshine & I'm so thankful! Thanks for sharing all the great SS!
Darcel said…
Great Shot. My dad loves lighthouses. I'll have to show this to him.
Wow, ominous looking sky! And I thought it was nothing but sunny skies in Australia. Very haunting looking. I love that pine-ish tree. Nice shot T :)
Unknown said…
Can't believe I am probably the last few commenting here. It's school holidays and even busier ferrying the kids around, having lunch with them and it was so much fun of course wt the 3 stooges bickering in my car. Obviously who gets to sit in front is a 'big' thing for them, I suggest the boot actually :P

Ok, back to the SS, like Elizabeth said..very atmospheric..and I like it. Like Xue said too...does look like a pagoda minus those funny pointed red roof. OR, a huge lantern hanging from that wire..yep, I am quite sure that's what it was. Maybe you made a mistake while taking the coffee perhaps. hehe :P hugs for the week....
Ali said…
how the sky can totally change a photo ... and your mood! Looks great Tracy!
Don't be too sad about greeting winter - it could be much worse, we could live in ... Canberra!!
(disclaimer: I actually quite like Canberra, but it gets bloody cold there!!)
Have a great week! :)
picciolo said…
it odd to think of your winter just starting, I have just got all our summer clothes down from the loft!
: )
Chubby Chieque said…
Am late but hope I still have time. Was bz last w/end w/ all activities w/ my cousin son's confirmation (Sunday) same day was the Mother's Day in Europe so must run to hubby's relatives & mine... ahhh... time is too short.

BUt anyhow, I cope up what you have in here. Am loving all the collages and of course your lighthouse. Seems spooky though!

Hope U had a great w/end & upcoming week.

Sarah said…
I love the colours in this photo and the interesting compostition. Hope winter is not too cold! As Mr Linky is still there I will put my link although I am late! I rushed to do it yesterday but forgot that bit!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful lighthouse shot. I love the prominent red and green. I completely forgot about SSS this week. Actually, I can't even remember the weekend, did we really have a weekend? I must have missed it.
Unknown said…
The TtV effect is crazy--using two good cameras to make an image that looks like it came from a cheap piece of junk.

Can't wait to try it!
Renee said…
I see these shadow shots all over the blogs and I always love them. So it is here they come to roost.

Keep warm.