Shadow Shot Sunday #51

Howdy! The Shadow Gallery collages feature a selection of photos from participants from last Sunday. If you’d like to join in SSS, please do. How? Shoot a shadow, post it on your blog on Sunday (or close to Sunday), then add your link to Mr Linky, and visit other players. First-time participants are required to click here for further info before submitting links. Thanks heaps and I hope you enjoy all the shadows!

Shadow Gallery

The Shooters:
1. MargaretGosden 2. RinklyRimes 3. Robin 4. Gemma 5. Storyteller 6. Cecile 7. Jen 8. JustJody 9. Sherrie

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1. Amazed&Confused 2. DaviMack 3. Becky 4. Lisa'sRetroStyle 5. MarthaZ 6. Rita 7. NatureRambler 8. SummerKitchenGirls 9. Raven

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1. Sunnymama 2. Rebecca 3. Katie 4. BrandiB 5. MonikaRose 6. Cam 7. TwoBarkingDogs 8. Martha 9. LindaM

Here's my Shadow Shot(s) Sunday #51

Shadows on the Brisbane Powerhouse arts centre

Outside the Brisbane Powerhouse, a large public art sculpture creates some shadows. As does speedy scooter boy who crashed my shadow shootin' party. He suddenly appeared from nowhere and I really like the addition of his little shadow in the shot. I didn't think at the time to take a photo of the complete sculpture but while drafting the post I thought it may be of interest to some, so I did an image search and found one photo. I thought there'd be more. Below image sourced from Brecknock Consulting Projects.

The sculpture is by artist Richard Tipping and I believe it to be a representation of the level of water in this particular location during the 1974 Brisbane floods. I could be wrong about this, so please feel free to correct me if I am and I'll amend the post. I'll be posting about the Brisbane Powerhouse this Wednesday, so if you are interested in seeing a little more of this unique heritage-listed arts venue, do pop back then!

My friend Gina from Gingerbread gave me this adorable award recently. Thanks so much Gina! I'd like to pass it along to all SSS participants because all of your blogs are 'deer' to me! Mmmm...cupcakes! Enjoy!

Elizabeth (About New York) is one of the organisers behind this cool event. Here's my attempt at haiku.

Fragile so it seems
sew its seams she unravels
in heavy cycles

To read much better compositions head on over to Elizabeth's blog for a list of global participants. Join in!

A fellow BrisStyler needs support!

Fellow BrisStyle Team member Eliza, is needing to raise some money for an important cause. Eliza is having a sale in her Etsy Shop to raise the required funds, so pop on over for the details and to snap yourself up a fabulous bargain. Further info can be found on Eliza's blog, and she's also currently having a cool giveaway!

Oh and Shadow Shot Sunday turns one year old next Sunday. Woohoo! To celebrate the occasion I have a special little surprise in store for next week. I hate keeping secrets but I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Ok, I think that is all for now. Phew! Gosh I bet you thought this post was never going to come to an end!

Happy Sunday!

Shadow Shot Sunday Participants
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There's a lot here to comment on. I'm late for my mushroom hunting as I was having trouble uploading a little video. So I'll be back to read more closely on Monday night. Love the industrial first shot, love that little scooter boy shot thru your photo and I LOVE your haiku (it is totally how I'm feeling today:(
Ok, gotta run be back soon. Oh and congrats on your award!! You're deer to me too:D
Gemma Wiseman said…
O it's good to hear/read your bubbly self back again! And adore the idea of a shadow party crashed by a speedy scooter boy! Love it!

And that sculpture is really so unusual! Bright, artistic and standing as an icon!

Happy weekend!
Catherine said…
Hi harriet...thanks for the beautiful collages as usual... we all look forward to seeing them every week..and this gallery looks a great place to visit and produces great shadow shots... coincidentally I am posting on a public sculpture in Mexico City this will be up tomorrow x
Sarah said…
Hi! A long post indeed but very interesting! I love that sculpture-very clever. I loved your shots-especially the first one with the triangle. The little boy is sweet! Well done on the award-I want a cupcake now and I have not got one.
Will be back tomorrow with my shot!
Sarah :)
GalleryJuana said…
Hi there! Glad to see you are better. The sculpture is amazing when I think about the reason behind it. And I know how that is when something suddenly appears in the picture:) It's nice when it works out to our advantage. Sweet deer pic too.

Thanks for hosting this meme!
GalleryJuana said…
Oops... I forgot to mention:

I enjoyed reading your haiku and will check out that link about the group.
Martha said…
Lovely shadow shots - yours and all your players from last week! I guess I better go search and decide what to use for my shadow shot this week. I'll be back :-)
A Wild Thing said…
What a lucky catch with the lil' just gives the whole shot life and meaning and fun.

Have a wonderful Sunday Ms.Tracey!
Sylvia K said…
Great post and fabulous shadow shots! And I love the haiku! Thanks for giving us all a chance to play with shadows, most fun I've had in years! Have a lovely Sunday!
Martha said…
Mine's up :-)
T.Allen said…
Lots of info in this post, I'm going to pop by Eliza's shop now. Congrats on your blog award and thanks for thinking of all of us shadow shooters. I'm glad to be's been an eventful few weeks!
I like the shot of the little guy and his trike very much...somehow those fleeting moments often stick in the memory. That's one to dream about.
And thanks for all your work putting together the claages every week. It's much appreciated!
bobbie said…
Very nice photos. That first one is quite unique.
PJ said…
What a happy circumstance that little boy and his scooter showed up. I happen to enjoy the unexpected showing up in my shots. Excellent work, Miss Tracy!
robin. said…
cool haiku!!

the sculpture made for nice shadows. and the story behind the sculpture. great shoot and info at the same time!!!
Generik said…
So glad you're back up and running. Love shots of powerhouses and pretty much any kind of industrial stuff.

Can't wait for the surprise next week!
Great shadows and love the little guy on his scooter..cute touch.
You get the best shadows.I guess I ought to leave my home once in awhile and get different pictures.
Happy SSS. Sorry I missed last week. Isn't it amazing how many are joining in? Last year around the 30th of this month, was my first shadow..the flag shadow.
Carin said…
Really like the collages you make every week. Great shadows in the collages and in your own photo's!

Enjoy your Sunday!
Margaret Gosden said…
Glad you have a place to look up to in that beautiful triangular shot. The haiku is clever - bouncing off that one word, 'sew' - Hmmm!
Chubby Chieque said…
Always a great job...

Happy SS
sunnymama said…
I love your shadow shots this week, especially the first which is awesome! My favourite is the shadows with scooter boy though :)
Elizabeth said…
Such a blue/blue sky and crisp shadow.
Your haiku was very clever indeed.
Thank you so much for including all the information in your blog.
we think it should be fun.
Tom Hilton said…
Excellent pics. I think the first one is my favorite, but little scooter boy is a great touch in the second.
Anonymous said…
Great shadows as usual - very inspiring to us all.
Unknown said…
I like your first SS--so interesting! Congrats on your award. So glad your pc is working again. I just got mine back from the pc doc and hope to get back to participating soon!
Wow - lot's going your haiku - thought it was great! Love your shadow shot too...the angle is awesome!
Off to Elizabeth's to check out her festival - have a great weekend!
Unknown said…
Firstly, congrats on the cupcake award..if only we could eat it. I always love to see your shadows, especially on art sculptures as I hardly see some over here where I lived. Hey, that Haiku was good..though I did have to read it a couple of times to understand..haha! Great one T..The little scooter boy sure add the finer touches to your SSS. Happy Sunday!!! Hugs ~ M
MonikaRose said…
Hello and Congrats on your award.

I have included my SSS #2 and many thanks for including my SSS #1 in your collage.

Happy Mothers Day :)

Enjoy your day

Rinkly Rimes said…
In your gallery my shot from last week turned up right by my friend's! We met when we were 14 (we're a good deal older now) and she lives in America and I live in Australia! Serendipity!
MyMaracas said…
Wow, where to begin!

I love the triangle shadow on the building, and the little cyclist adds just the right touch of life to that photo. The flood sculpture is so clever. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the Powerhouse.

Congrats on the award! You do deserve it, you do. And I'll stop over at your friend's Etsy shop straight from here.

I admire people who can do haiku well. I am not one of them.

Can't wait to see what the surprise is!

Yet another fabulous shadow from our host! I never know what to expect, but you do keep the bar raised!
Anonymous said…
Your haiku is terrific. I have to think of mine. ;-)

Almost one year old? SSS? Wow! Congrats.

Love the award! Thanks for sharing it with us.

→lisa said…
I love that flood sculpture!
whizkid said…
I loved your first picture! very dramatic.
MonikaRose said…
Hey Girl, thanks for dropping by, like the shadow myself. I am having a lovely mother's day, not a mother yet, waiting for hubby to get home. You have great sense of humor, I guess you do not crochet! Have a great evening.. :) MonikaROse
Hot Fudge said…
Hi Tracy

Sorry to miss out this Sunday, but my computer monitor died and had to be replaced (sound at all familiar?). I love your post this week - partidularly the flood sculpture. The Powerhouse is a favourite and I will make a point of taking a look see at the sculpture myself. Did you pay your little male model for his stylistic scootering? He looks so cute!
keiren said…
I LOVE your first shadow shot! I also love your haiku. Had to read it a couple of times to get it. That's no relection on your writing. I rarely 'get' poetry in any form. Congrats on your award and I can't wait to see what surprise you have in store for next week. Happy Sunday to you Harriet!
Dorte said…
Lovely clear shots ... and a fun project. I just post my first sss :-)
Ali said…
You are a star making those lovely SS collages each week! Love them.
Your first SS is great! (I have a bit of a 'thing' for old buildings hmmm.)
I would've thought the 74 floods were higher than that? But I really have no idea, not being around at the time ;)
Looking forward to your surprise next week too!
Happy Sunday (I bet you thought this comment would never end - sorry!)
Kranky Granny said…
I echo the sentiments of everyone else this week. I also like the red sculpture it remines me of one here that is the tops cut off of a locomotive.
Gina said…
Ooh lovely shadows from last week..and your powerhouse shadows are fabulous..what a cool sculpture!
Don't fall off your seat but I've got a shadow to share this week Gx
p.s love your haiku!!
Wear Your Wild said…
Great shadow shots! I especially love the first one; the angles and color are fab!
Sherrie said…
Hi Harriet,
Great shadows you have! I really like that sculpture, it's awesome! Congrats on the award. Mine is posted. Have a great day!!

Cindy said…
I love the angles on the building, and the little guy on the bike. Great shots!
Linda said…
Great shots! And what an interesting sculpture -- isn't it weird that even though most of the letters are covered we still can read that word? Hmmm.
lv2scpbk said…
Nice shots. I just found this meme and mine is up.
Brandi said…
Fun shots for today! I absolutely love your shot of the powerhouse! The building has so much character!

Also, I am flattered to see that you used my first shadow shot in you collage! Thanks so much for letting me play! This is so fun!!

All week long, I've been roaming around trying to find a fun shot to take and submit, so thanks also for getting me to use my noodle! :)
I so look forward to the shadow galleries each week. Thanks for making time to create and share them. You and all who participate have taught me to LOOK differently at my world through the camera lens and I'm grateful.
Hugs and blessings,
Chris said…
Totally late submission: x

But if it makes up for it, my little boy took the shots! said…
I am sooo late this week. but happy to be here still. Thank you Tracy for the awards. You are so generous & always have interesting creative posts.
Love your collages as usual & thought your haiku was pretty darn cool. I'm also anxious to check out the Etsy shop too.
Thank you Tracy.
PS Your shadows shots are wonderful I especially like the art center.
julie king said…
i think the little guy was the perfect addition to your fantastic shot! he made me smile!!congrats on your award!!
I liked the sculpture and the little boy just added some fun to it. Sometimes it's those little surprises that make the shot. Thanks for sharing.
PJ said…
PS Thank you, deer Tracy, for the cupcake of an award.
Tracy said…
Congrats on your SSS nearly one year old! And thanks for joining in on the haiku festival--your poem is terrific...very evocative. Thanks so much for stopping by my place--so nice to meet you and find your creative place in turn. Happy Day :o)
Unknown said…
Sorry to be late. I forgot to link!
Look at that blue sky in the first shot! Gorgeous and I like the angle.

Congrats on the cute award, too!
Enjoyed your haiku and participated too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,
The Explorer said…
I just found this blog, not sure if I can still join, for this week, maybe next sunday
XUE said…
wow! clever with that triangle shot! And I'm sooooo late with this comment!
Unknown said…
I really love the lil scooter guy in the SSS! And your triangle shot too! Rain, rain go away...haven't gotten a good shot all week! So much flooding here in Missouri...keep up the good work on your blog!
Shannon said…
THIS is just awesome! 61 links from last week - wish I hadn't missed it! I have plans to join THIS time around! :)
Raven said…
Just for the record - in the collages of the previous week's shots, I think you have reversed Sherrie and me. My shot is #9 in the second set, not the 3rd.